Your dedicated destination for self care in Bluffton!

Whether you are looking to escape and relax, boost your immunity, keep your respiratory health in peak condition or find your zen zone with instructor led wellness classes, Pure Salt Studios Bluffton is waiting to welcome you.

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Reduce inflammation, remove toxins and pollutants, focus on mental health and more using pure salt.

Infrared Sauna

Detox from heavy metals, find pain relief, aid muscle recovery and more using three types of infrared light.

Wellness Classes

Experience yoga, meditation, sound healing and more while combined with the benefits of halotherapy!

Salted Massage

Just you, a couple hundred thousand pounds of Himalayan salt, a dim glow, and a licensed therapist proving relaxation.

Join us on Saturday mornings for Salted Yoga!

Saturday morning at 11am is your time to move your body and reduce stress with an instructor led salted flow inside the Himalayan salt room!

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Plantation Park

23 Plantation Park Drive, Suite 303

Bluffton, SC 29910